interoperability of health information

With over 10 years of accumulated experience in the software engineering area, Core Consulting is specialized in the analysis and development of technological solutions for interoperability of information for the health area. Through an information architecture oriented approach, which includes the representation of clinical concepts in standardized models of representation, it develops platforms that enable semantic interoperability between different systems, LIS - Laboratory Information System, PEP - Electronic Health Record Systems, applications for mobile devices and clinical information portals.
Core uses an approach that allows agile, secure and intelligent development of digital health solutions, fully adhering to national and international interoperability standards such as HL7 FHIR, IHE and OpenEHR.
Our interoperability technological solutions based on service orientation and standards such as HL7 FHIR R4 and OpenEHR. The health information interoperability approach developed by Core Consultoria is supported by the implementation of robust consent mechanisms for access to information, where the patient has full control over the sharing of his information in a health care network, in accordance with the Law General Data Protection Act - LGPD.
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cloud computing - AWS

Core Consulting is Reseller AWS - Amazon Web Services. The strategy of developing technological solutions prepared for implementation in the cloud, resulted in Core Consulting's specialization in AWS services. As an accredited reseller, we have the ability to develop projects for the implementation of cloud computing environments, migration of legacy technological solutions and the necessary advisory guidance so that your organization can safely and performance reduce IT operational costs by adopting the use of cloud as a corporate strategy.
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service-oriented technology solutions

Core Consulting has experience in the development and implementation of projects for the development of platforms specialized in information interoperability, developed by the significant use of the principles of service-oriented computing.
Service Consulting Architecture projects for the development of technological solutions by Core Consulting, have a technical origin based on research developed since 2007 by their founders. These researches, resulted in own methodology, that applied in the development of technological solutions, prepared for interoperability and implantation in the cloud since the conception. This applied knowledge generates specific products for your organization that, through the transfer of knowledge, can deliver Development-oriented Methodology to Services and microservices, Reference Architecture, and customized Governance Models.
Among the main benefits of service-oriented computing are:
  • Increase the intrinsic interoperability of technological solutions;
  • Allow federalization;
  • Expand the alignment between business and technology;
  • Expand the possibility of diversifying suppliers;
  • Allow the return on investment metric of a technological solution;
  • Increases organizational agility;
  • Reduce the weight of IT.


Core Consulting operates mainly in the delivery of consulting products for the development of complex technological solutions. With a technical staff formed by qualified and experienced professionals, which enables the delivery of effective results.


Our consulting products are:

  • Development of Information Architecture aligned with the business
  • Development of Technological Solutions in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Business Process Automation
  • Technological Architecture Development
  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
  • Development of technological solutions for deployment in a cloud environment