Our team

Ricardo Gonçalves

With a degree in Communication Network Engineering from the University of Brasília, Ricardo is a meticulous full-stack developer and passionate about information security. Solutions architect working with SOA and health interoperability systems.

André Toffanello

Founding partner of Core Consultoria e Serviços Ltda, Master in Electrical Engineering at the University of Brasilia - 2012, postgraduate in Computer Networks by União Educacional de Brasilia - UNEB (1996). "Dream that only dreams is just a dream that dreams only, dream that dreams together is reality" Raul Seixas and John Lennon

Ricardo Puttini

Founding partner of Core Consulting e Serviços Ltda. PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Brasília (2004), where he teaches in the Department of Electrical Engineering since 1998. He completed a doctoral internship at L'Ecole Supérieure d'Électricité (Supelec), Rennes / France (2001/2002) and a post- PhD at the Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS), Stockholm / Sweden (2011). He was coordinator of the Information Technology Center (NTI) at UnB (2006-2008) and Director of the Computer Center (CPD) at UnB (2007-2008).

Marcello Marinho

Software engineer
Engineer, master in mechatronic systems, he is responsible for the implementation and optimization of AWS environments to support Core Consulting's intereoperability platform products, being the oldest member of the technical staff, he is a certified specialist in Service Oriented Architecture, AWS, WSO2 and Oracle .

Wanessa Honorato

Financial administration
Graduated in Administration (2006) with an MBA in Human Resources Management (2011), she has experience in the administrative area, financial routines, preparation of reports and handling of spreadsheets, acquisition of materials, customer service and human resources with a continuous focus on the growth of the company. organization. He has already worked at several institutions such as Banco do Brasil and was 1st Technical Lieutenant in the Administration area of the Brazilian Army.

Ian Alexandre

Software developer
Studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Brasilia. He was involved in robotics projects, both educational and for competitive purposes, being part of Edubot for 2 years and UnBall for 3 years. Core Consulting's newest systems engineer with back-end development for electronic health record control.